One major religious group known for its social conservatism

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Handbags Replica The absconding diamantaire, in absentia, stole precious time away from the Sheena Bora murder trial replica bags china at the Mumbai city and sessions court, Kala Ghoda, south Mumbai.The Monday hearing was scheduled to begin half past midday at Courtroom 51 on the third floor.Everyone, by some rare providence, was in attendance on the dot of time: The accused, the lawyers, the prosecution, the CBI and even the brand new witness, PW4 (Prosecution Witness 4).But then replica bags vancouver Vijay Kumar Aggarwal waltzed in.In tight white pants, a short black coat, the lawyer white tie, flyaway hair and too long sideburns, the Delhi criminal advocate representing Nirav Modi had also defended some of the accused in the 2G spectrum case.He took the lawyer’s stand, trailed by his team of 10 or more lawyers, and began addressing CBI Special Judge Jayendra Chandrasen Jagdale in a sing song voice.Aggarwal punctuated each of his sentences, thrice over, at least, with chants of “My replica bags in dubai Lord” that came out in a strangled drawl, sounding like “Mylaw, mylaw.”It was a plea for bail for the others implicated in the PNB Modi case. Aggarwal stressed, on and on, how the accused had no reason or means to flee and could even be instructed to curtail their movements to only one part of Mumbai if need be.He waxed and waned, in an attempt to be persuasive, appropriating well over an hour and a half, with his never ending discourse.The Sheena Bora murder trial hearing had to be postponed to after lunch.PW4 turned out to be Pradeep Waghmare, who once worked as an office boy at Star India Pvt Limited, the company Peter Mukerjea once helmed.Later he doubled up as both office boy and cleaner at INX Services Pvt Ltd and at the Mukerjea residence at Marlow, Worli, south central Mumbai.A cheerful man of short stature and simple manner, wearing modest clothes, Waghmare, in his first appearance, seemed nothing like his former pal, the rather outrageous and twisted as a chakli mentality Mukerjea driver Shyamvar Rai.He was more grounded, it seemed a biddable, easy going and non controversial sort.Waghmare, who must have been in his late thirties, also seemed conscious of his ‘station’ in life. He gave his answers in a low, barely audible, voice, without any emotional inflections, opting to speak in Hindi in court.At times he looked a little worried and anxious and took a break for a few minutes, in between, because his stomach hurt.His wife, wearing replica bags sydney a colourful striped pink kurta and a pink churidar, holding a brown handbag, also sat in court, alertly watching the proceedings.A Class 8 pass, Waghmare, in his years at Star (from 1999) and INX (from 2005) had cleaned his boss’ office and later the flat too and did filing, as well running a few errands like depositing cheques at banks or withdrawing money.Through his long association with the Mukerjeas, he had met Sheena quite a few times and knew her as the sister.He was also acquainted with Rahul Mukerjea Peter’s son from his first marriage and Indrani Mukerjea’s younger daughter Vidhie and was aware of the existence of Mekhail Bora, Sheena’s brother Handbags Replica.

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